About Me

how it all started

Hi! I'm Princella Ntumwine Seripenah, a freelance digital illustrator born in Accra,Ghana.

Spreading hope and making people feel better has always been my passion and I equated that to being a medical doctor. That was until a period of clinical practice during my 3rd year of study, I quickly realized that it wasn’t for me and that being a doctor was not the only way to express my deep desire to spread healing - I began exploring within myself and was able to revive my childhood dream for drawing and creating art that speaks to the soul. 
(I’m currently in my 6th and final year of med school while freelancing as an artist! )

How its going

On my self-taught journey to becoming an Illustrator, I’ve gotten to understand how illustration can be so important and influential- how art is able to convey emotions with graphics and how easily a simple image can spark the most wholesome feelings.


I love to create art that inspires people.

My art style incorporates warm earthy tones and palettes to create carefully composed pieces that centre around topics such as mental health, self-identity, black womanhood and also messages of hope that allows you to embrace your uniqueness and be proud of the beauty you possess!

  I'm also not afraid to experiment with bold and vibrant colour palettes that leave my audience overflowing with confidence.

Let's work together and something beautiful!

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